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The ART ROCKERS are a uniquely eclectic group of artists and musicians. Their musical repertoire includes their own original alternative rock and idiosyncratic interpretations of contemporary and vintage rock, often with a touch of psychedelia. Making art and playing music have a lot in common. Since the inception of rock music, numerous musicians and bands have emerged from the "art school" tradition. The Beatles, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Pete Townsend, Brian Ferry, Ronnie Wood, Patti Smith, and Eric Clapton are all prime examples of art-school rockers. The Art Rockers band was formed in 2011 by a group of artists/musicians at a California university and have since evolved into a prolific band as they actively continue to write and perform new original songs. The band is truly a combination of art meets music, hence the name Art Rockers.
Abigail Goldman - Lead Vocals   Abigail Barrett’s adventure began in Colorado. Having two very musical parents, she was influenced and inspired by their talent at a very young age. She was exposed to many amazing people, places, and events that showed her the power of performance, which would become her guiding light in her years to come. She quickly became involved in local plays, piano lessons, her local church choir, and joined a professional traveling choir. At the age of 11, Abigail and her family moved to Fayetteville, AR. There she remained active in the local church choir, participated in school plays, and became a member in the elite Show Choirs during her Junior High and High School years. Shortly after graduating High School, Abigail attended the Bonnaroo music festival and experienced the “Wave That Flag” tour, “The Dead” (the remaining members of the “Grateful Dead”) and she began following the band. This journey led her to California, where she became active in three different bands including working with the legendary, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon. Abigail holds a B.A. degree in Performing Arts-Music from California State University Channel Islands, and an Associates degree and Certificate in Music from Ventura College. Laughter and kindness have never been more evident in one soul. She's the epitome of ambitious, with good looks to boot. Her charm can be experienced through her voice as she paints image on a canvas made of silence. Generous and angelic in nature, Abigail inspires, reveals, and perpetuates the power of music with her gift. Find yourself in her passion, beauty and grace, from her voice to your ears, through the absolute power of music.
Kevin Volkan - Lead Guitar  

Kevin Volkan has been playing guitar since the early 1970s. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, Kevin was heavily influenced by local groups such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Steppenwolf, and Tower of Power. Later influences included Jimi Hendrix, Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, and Frank Zappa. A four year stay in the Chicagoland area started Kevin on a lifelong love of Blues music of all forms. In addition to playing the guitar he also is a singer/song writer, who loves playing and collecting Celtic and early American folk songs. A veteran of numerous bands, Kevin founded the 1990s grunge/jam group Ham on Rye in Santa Cruz, CA. and the Southern California rock/folk jam band Friend Of Shrimp with noted bassist Kent Baxter. Kevin and Kent went on to form another more Celtic inspired electric folk group Spring Heel Jack. Kevin also played with the Sexto Senso Banda Azul (Sixth Sense Blues Band) and he also performs solo, playing Celtic and early American folk music on acoustic guitar. Shortly after the original formation of the Art Rockers, Kevin joined the band as leard guitarist. His years of experience on guitar have led to his extraordinary musical chops. His amazing lead solos have been instrumental helping defining the Art Rockers' sound and puting the band on the map as a serious and respected group of rockers! An avid collector of guitars, Kevin has a collection that one can only envy. There is no question that Kevin Volkan is one red-hot lead guitarist!

Jack Reilly - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals   Jack Reilly, the founder of the Art Rockers, experienced his first exposure to live music as an adolescent in his own home. His mother would wake him up and get him out of bed... "Jackie - get your drums" she would say. He was summoned to join his parents' late-night parties, which usually ended up being mini concerts. Jack's father, who was the leader of the 1940's New York swing band Varsity Club Orchestra, would play his vintage Selmer alto saxophone, while Jack's mother would accompany on the organ, and little Jackie on his drums. As a teenager, Jack established his own musical endeavors as the drummer with the Night Riders band, playing favorite rock songs of the 1960s era. An avid surfer, Jack's creative nature further developed when he began painting surfboards. His obsession with painting led to art school in Paris. Ultimately he received his M.F.A. in Art from Florida State University. Jack moved to Los Angeles in the late 1970s to begin his art career. During the mid 1980s he composed original music for his "Paintings with Sound" exhibition. This innovative fusion of painting and music led to a feature article in Los Angeles Magazine, and to his music being played on KCRW Los Angeles radio station. In the 1990s Jack composed musical scores for his series of award winning, experimental videos, which were exhibited in museums and screened in international film festivals. In addition to his current work as an artist, Jack continues to actively write songs, play rhythm guitar, harmonica, and sing with the Art Rockers.
Aldo Figueroa - Bass Guitar  

Aldo Figueroa is the Art Rockers' popular, bad-ass bass guitarist. Prior to his evolution into a rocker, Aldo's musical backgorund began years ago in a Los Angeles local church band. His previous bass work and transition into rock music has revealed his precise yet soulful manner of making music. As it turns out, Aldo later discovered that his extended family of relatives happen to be a very talented group of musicians. It appears that Aldo has also inherited his ancestors' talent and affinity for music, as he has evolved into an essential member of the Art Rockers band. In addition to being a rockin' bassist, Aldo is an artist extraodinare! When he is not making music, he can be found creating digital art, designing video games, and doing chalk street murals around southern California. Aldo is a multi-talented artist/musician and an art professor, teaching digital media art courses at California State University Channel Islands.

AJ Matalon - Drums   During a family car ride from Los Angeles to San Diego, 11-year-old A.J. Matalon pounded out drumbeats on his legs to the songs on the radio. When his parents later noticed that his legs were all bruised up after the three-hour ride, they thought it would be a good idea to enroll him in drum classes. A.J. found his musical voice in drumming, and as a teenager, he went on to play in the drum line with the award winning Notre Dame High School marching band and has been an prolific drummer ever since. At age 22, eleven years after the ride that led A.J. to becoming a drummer, he joined the Art Rockers as the band's percussionist. A.J.'s formal musical training and previous experience in a precision drum line has afforded him with extraordianry percussive skills and a sense of precisiont timing. In addition to exercising his talent as a committed rock drummer, A.J. is pursuing his B.A. degree at California State University Channel islands.
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