Aldo Figueroa  

Aldo Figueroa is the Art Rockers' popular bad-ass bass guitarist.
Prior to his evolution into a rock musician, Aldo's musical backgorund began years ago in a Los Angeles local church band. His previous bass work and transition into rock music has revealed his precise yet soulful manner of making music. As it turns out, Aldo later discovered that his ancestors and extended family of relatives happen to be a very talented group of musicians. It appears that Aldo has also inherited this talent and affinity for music, as he has evolved to an essential member of the Art Rockers band.

In addition to being a rockin' bassist, Aldo is an artist extraodinare! When he is not making music, he can be found creating digital art, designing video games, and doing chalk street murals around southern California. Aldo is a multi-talented artist/musician and an art professor, teaching digital media art courses at California State University Channel Islands.

  Aldo Figueroa sporting his colors
Intense and complex dude


Aldo, laying down riffs
Sporting the colors of his heritage
An intense and complex dude
Laying down some heavy bass riffs
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